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>> a wanted murder suspect simply walked away from custody and is in jail tonight. we're talking with his mother about the escape and his return. the debate over the debt ceiling seems to have no end in sight and neither side looks like they're giving up any grounds. a maryland marine injured in iraq and gets his piece of the american dream. how a community came together to make it happen. and i'm will thomas, thanks for joining us. first up, changes to lock up might be on the way to d.c. superior court. a man wanted for murder managed to walk out of court. tonight, he's back behind bars. roz plater has more from the newsroom. >> reporter: it might have been more difficult for the u.s. marshals to find james boyd this time around. he looked different this time. gone were the distinctive
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dreadlocks. this afternoon, he turned himself in. after just 24 hours on the run james brewer, accompanied by his lawyer, turned himself in to u.s. marshals and you might be surprised to learn that no one is more relieved the father of four is back in custody than his mother. >> in my heart, i honestly believed he was going to turn himself in. i kept saying over and over, even though i didn't talk to him, i kept saying he's going to turn himself in. he has kids here and loves them. >> reporter: the 24-year-old suspect semly walked out of d.c. superior court on friday, have an though he's been arrested come&charged with first-degree murder while armed. sources tell fox 5 he somehow ecchanged i.d. bracelets with another prisoner while in the courthouse cell block and that other prisoner was charged with a misdemeanor and using the false identity to e scan. >> terribly unusual. >> reporter: we asked the former prosecutor and defense attorney to weigh in. he said on any given day, the
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lockup houses as many as a hundred people each charged with a crime. each is given a temporary bracelet with a lockup and. d. number similar to a hospital i.d. bracelet. >> i would say it's unusual and coupled with the fact that the marshal service is so professional down there, and it should be very easy for them to correct whatever problem there was. >> reporter: court documents show brewer is one of four mean spotted on surveillance entering and leaving this apartment building on good hope road in southeast june 27th, the night of the murder. the victim was solmon reese, a 71-year-old veteran who reportedly sold cigarettes from his eighth floor apartment and was robbed before. that night, he was shot&multiple times -- was shot multiple times and a witness identified brewer as the trigger man. >> hopefully, you know, we get to the bottom of, you know i am hoping he didn't have anything to do with this. i am praying he had nothing to do with it. but -- and i'm also sorry for
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the, you know, the -- the family and i'm praying for his family and i mean right now, all i can do is pray for my son am. >> reporter: brewer is due back in court on monday and faces additional charges for escaping on top of that first-degree murder while armed charge. will? >> rose platter, thank you. heads up if you're taking metro's orange line this weekend. fox 5 is monitoring metro for you. construction on the dulles rail project will cut off service between east and westphals church stops. shuttle buses will carry riders from one station to another and you'll need about 30 minutes to increase your trip, anyway and that work lasts until closing tomorrow. >> a huge boost in the fight against a let rate -- iliteracy in the district. the so-called godfather of go- go chuck brown was among the musical acts on hand for the stamping out of the summer
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illiteracy rally. it took place at the kelly middle school in northeast and that is part of the campaign to reduce the higher e literacy rate, particularly in ward 7 where that rate is the highest. >> we have about 24,000 people between the apes of 16 and 24 and who -- the ninth grade level. and below the fourth grade level, which means the job options are going to be quite limited. >> i don't want to see the kids go through what i went through back in the day, you know what i'm saying? and it's been presented to them. >> the event was put on by the marshal heights community development organization. a local non-profit that promotes economic opportunities for wards 7. and so far, the weekend weather is looking good. not too hot or muggy. what about tomorrow? we hope for more of the same. >> reporter: not a bad day, as we move into the end of the weekend. tonight, absolutely fabulous and look at the shot behind me from our camera and you can see
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we have a full moon out there. the skies are fairly clear and let's look at where we hit temperaturewise today. 86 degrees at national; 86 dulles; 87, baltimore and the temperatures from just one to three degrees off of the mark. right now, skies mostly clear out there and just the odd cloud or two and it's a very, very pleasant night currently 71 degrees at national airport. the humidity is at 58%. we have a 30 light southerly wind at 9 miles an hour. as we move into the course of tonight, it's going to stay fairly clear and going to be comfortable at 67 degrees with the southerly wind and things are changing as we move through into the week. we get ready for a heat way. that's right -- heat wave. high temperatures are going to return. we have hot weather on the agendasa and -- agenda and when you see the five-day forecast, you will see what i'm talking about. my advice, get out tomorrow and enjoy it whole you can. the things in the week ahead are going to change. and i will have my forecast
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later for you. >> thank you, gwen. >> americans are waiting on lawmakers to reach a budget deal and politicians on both sides of the aisle can't seem to agree. >> reporter: president obama said he's willing to, quote, compromise in the debt negotiations. the republicans don't see much than his proposal. in his radio and internet address, the president argued he's going to -- willing to include cuts or quote, reforms to entitlements like social security and medicare which he said doesn't, quote, makes folks in my party too happy. he said the republicans should agree to certain tax hikes. the president is appealing to americans to back his plan of, quote, shared sacrifice. >> we have to ask everyone to play their part because we're all part of the same country. we're all in this together. so, i put things on the table that are important to me and to democrats, and i expect republican leaders to do the same. >> reporter: republicans say the reason that the u.s. has
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such a debt problem is not because americans are not paying enough in taxes, but because washington spends too much. the situation has only gotten worse after the obama administration in his if the two years ins on, discretionary spending is sky rocketed by 84%, including the failed stimulous, with spending reaching 25% of the nation's economic output. we haven't seen spending levels this high since world war ii. >> reporter: republican house speaker john boehnerel to the president repeatedly he didn't have the votes to pass a debt reduction package in the house, including tax hikes. the house republicans are insisting any increase in the debt ceiling is matched with equal or more spending cuts. in washington, molly hennenberg, fox news. joining me now for an in- depth look at what this means to you and me is political editor john gizzy. thanks for joining us, john. >> thank you for having me, will. it's a pleasure. >> president obama held five
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days of meetings with congressional leaders proposing basically three options. deficit cuts of 4 trillion, 2 trillion, and 1.2 trillion. you would agree that none appear to be gaping much traction at this point. >> none appear to be gaping traction, will, because -- gaining traction, will, because the president still insists on what he calls revenues, which is another worry, a off perform for an increase in taxes. republicans are just not going to go down that road. in 1982, president reagan agreed to cuts when he signed the tax equity and fiscal responsibility act and, as he later wrote, he regretted it because he got more of the increases in fees and spending, he never got a single cut out of congress. >> along those lines, john and in his weekly radio address and internet address, the president said the wealthier must pay their share and he's appealing for public support. senator orrin hatch said the solution is in the in a
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spinning crisis to increase taxes, so both parties really opposed on this one. >> and they're opposed to it, but i think the president is going to realize just before his 50th birthday when the all- important debt ceiling vote comes, that he, it will be easier for him to give in to get the cuts he wants put entitlements on the table with no taxes at all. and that was an option he went for back on december 7th. when he finally decided to extend lower taxes for all americans, not just some of them, and he didn't like it but he went along with it. i think in the end, he realizes that he ask not want to be responsible for extending the debt ceiling crisis right before his birthday and, i think, he will ask for cuts but with no taxes. >> the house republicans are prepared in this coming week to vote on allowing the increase in the government spending through 2012, as long as
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congress passes a balanced budget and a constitutional amendment that requires a balanced budget is that likely? >> i have a feeling that they're going to get a lot of votes for it, probably more votes than ever before. remember, they need 290 votes in the house to get that -- get that to the states. all 2 port republicans are in favor of it. i'm not sure they'll get the democratic votes similarly in the senate. all 47 republican senators favor the balance budget amendment, but they need 2/3, 67 to send it to the state. they will make a strong statement and do well. i'm not sure they can do it and that is another thing. the president repeatedly uses strong language to condemn something that is near and dear to republican hearts and will be in a trial 1. >> yup. >> a balanced budget amendment, something every state except vermont has. >> well, you can see why the parties are on opposite ends of the spectrum here. i think i'm out of time, john
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gizzy. i thank you for laying this out for us. >> thank you for having me, will. i look forward to coming back and it's been a pleasure. >> thank you, john. president obama met with the dalai lama today. the president held a 45-minute private session with the tibetan spiritual leader at the white house. hours earlier issue the chinese foreign minister condemned the visit calling on the u.s. to honor its commitment to recognizing tibet as part of china. the dalai lama is in d.c. for an 11-day buddhist ritual. ef is families are proud new home owners tonight. habitat for humanity held the ivy city sage 1 dedicationy is meany this afternoon. the organization helps low- income families get into affordable homes. they're not exactly free and participants have to have a good job and good credit and give 300 hours of time volunteering with habitat. for the new home owners it's well-worth it. and saying thank you to a maryland marine who said he was
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doing his job. how a community effort is giving him a piece of the american dream. and a heart-stopping rescue for a four-year-old child, the dramatic video you don't want
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>> the african-american civil war museum held a grand opening for the new d.c. like today; vent took place along vermont avenue in northwest. with $5 million in renovations, it features more than 5,000 square feet of exhibition space. the only museum in the nation dedicated to the thousands of african-americans who fought in the civil war. and a maryland marine wounded on the front lines in iraq gets the keys to a new way of life. fox 5s paul shows us how this is truly a community effort. >> reporter: in the roaming hills of frederick, maryland,
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down this long gravel road. >> such a humbling experience. >> reporter: marine sergeant adam and his family received a special gift. >> i would like to thank all of the volunteers who made this possible and hope this is the beginning of a lifelong friendship. >> reporter: in 2005, he lost his left arm and right leg while looking for insurgents in iraq. today, his country and his community are giving him something back the key to a brand-new he. >> oh. and i am at a loss for words, you know, all of these people here and that care about me and my family we would never have guessed so many people cared. i didn't do anything special overseas but my job and to see all of these people who don't know me or owe me anything and it means a lot to me. >> we build specially adapted
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homes for the most severely wounded veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan. [ applause ] >> because we have been doing this across the country, we have a huge base of support. >> and built the house, making it for awful his needs, wide open spaces and countertops and doors that open automatically. >> reporter: local businesses and volunteers were involved in the big project. >> you must have had the hundreds of thousands donated in terms of labor and material. can't explain to you how moving it was and. >> reporter: you know what they say in the real estate business, location, location, location. this was perfect for adam with a surrounding open road. >> seeing my injuries, they caused me to realizeef day could be my last. i do everything i can to live my life to the fullest and this is what i picked up after
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getting wounded. >> reporter: the motorcycle club made up of all military and law enforcement came to support the friend and club president on this special day. looking forward to seeing them again on the next ride in frederick, paul rafael, fox 5 news. a sign of more tegs to come between the u.s. and pakistan. pakistan's president met with iran's supreme leader in tehran today. the iranian leader said the u.s. is the biggest enemy to pakistan's national unity. the u.s.-pakistan relationship has been on a downward spiral since the raid that killed osama bin laden in pakistan 3 months ago. the crisis in syria intensifying. the syrian government unleashed a deadly crackdown on rebel protestors and calls continue to the syrian president to step down and this is lena ninan with the latest. >> reporter: at least 28 people were killed in demonstrations on friday but despite the government crackdown, it was the largest show of protestors
10:19 pm
since the uprisings began in march. according to areas where the government brutality has been the most intense. this shows the security forces are having a tough time keeping the revolt contained. they say since the uprising began in march, 1600 people have been killed and most of them unarmed protestors. on saturday, shops were closed as people attended funerals of those killed on friday. and tips of thousands of protectors took to the streets on saturday in damascus following the funerals shouting we want freedom and god is great. at least one protestor was killed and five wounded when they opened fire at the pro- democracy demonstrations near the iraqi border. in turkey, syrian opposition figures had a conference to find ways to oust the syrian president n. turkey, the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton criticized the crackdown. syria's future is up to the syrian people.
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but, of course, the efforts by the opposition to come together to organize and to articulate an agenda are an important part of political reform. >> reporter: amid the unrest in syria, there are reports syria has shipped missiles and weaponry to hezbollah and lebanon. venezuelan president hugo chavez is headed to cuba for cancer treatment. after a heated debate, the lawmakers approved his request to undergo chemotherapy in havana. chavez shouldn't be in charge while he's in cuba say opponents. he's delegated some of the duties to the vice president and finance minister but is not fully relinquishing power. in india, a boy's recovering after being rescued from raging flood waters. the four-year-old was bathing in a river when he got stranded on a rock. when onlookers extended a wooden stick his way he fell into the water and swept away. several people jumped into
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action and pulled him to safety. he survived and was eventually treated at a hospital. under the d.c. teachers -- hundreds of d.c. teachers out of work. we're going one-on-one with the teacher's union about the firings. and millions of harry potter fans say goodbye to a fantasy favorite. what the cast of the movie is saying about the end of an era.
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>> a final farewell for harry potter fans. the final installment hit theatres this weekend and here's more. >> reporter: as the decade of eight harry potter films comes to an end, millions of fans will give their respects this weekend and the cast finished filming a year ago and they're still getting used to the idea of hanging up their watches.
10:25 pm
>> it's been a huge part of my life and almost scary to try and just you know, to acknowledge the there is going to be so much change but -- >> not hard from -- and kind of lost without it. i do -- and i miss yet now. i'm looking forward to moving on in-from-this one. >> reporter: as for the man who played the boy wizard, he's singing and dancing on broadway. daniel radcliffe said he won't be thinking about a music career after the show ends. >> i don't think i will ever be doing like an album with a band or anything like that, you know if someone ever needs like an bum with covers, i would -- album with covers, i would be happy to be the man. >> reporter: they will have the memories of the potter experience. he was able to grab a souvenir from the set.
10:26 pm
>> i have take know a few things. it was really bad, you know -- and on the way out the last day. i took the number of harry's house. >> reporter: in hall, anita vogel, fox news. >> two schools with thousands of dollars in damage from vandalism this week and police say both incidents could be connected. we have a live report. hundreds of teachers fired for not making the grade. we're speaking with the teacher's union president about the controversial evaluation system as we continue.
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for the second time in two days, vandals damaged a montgomery county middle school overnight. the latest attack happened in north bethesda middle school. the police say it could be
10:30 pm
linked to an incident in potomac earlier this week and audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: good evening, the vandal left their signature calling card in paint all over north bethesda middle school. racial slurs and graphic sexual image, the same stuff they found at herbert hoover middle school. the investigators believe the two crimes are related. school security guards called police at 2:40 this morning to report an active alarm going off at north bethesda middle school. >> and there they found several windows broken and, again, tainted ethnically offensive words and sexually graphic drawings. >> reporter: it's the same type of graffiti they found at herbert hoover middle school in potomac. investigators say that vandals struck there some time between 3:30 on july 19th and 930 teal in the morning of the 49th. >> at this -- 14th. >> we do believe that the two
10:31 pm
incidences are likely related because of the nature of the vandalism that occurred at those schools. >> who do you think is behind it? >> it's possible that these are young people who were responsible. >> reporter: the vandals appeared to have upped the ante at north bethesda middle and painted similar images and ethnic slurs on seven vehicles parked on beach avenue overnight. >> it's unfortunate. i had no idea it went on and that it was happening anywhere else either. >> reporter: now, the 16-year resident who lived across the street from north bethesda middle school, is wondering if damage to a few cars a month ago could be related. he said that it's a wake-up call. >> i guess to just be vigilant to lock the doors and the car and that is about it and keep your eyes open if you see anything, you know, that is suspecting and let someone know. >> reporter: that is what police hope neighbors will do be their eyes and ears and uck
10:32 pm
earn $1,000 from crime for information that leads to anestra. >> thank you. d.c. schools dropped a bomb shell yesterday when officials fired hundreds of teachers. in total, 413 public school employees were let go and 206 were teachers. most were rated subpar by the school's evaluation system and that system looks at how well the students perform and how well the system is lady out. joining us is nathan saunders, the president of washington teacher's union and good to have you with us. >> it's a pleasure to be here. thank you. >> and let me begin with your reaction. >> and what we know, this is part of the scenario. we don't have the teacher or teacher's union position and given the teachers, who don't
10:33 pm
know they were fired as of yet and they were given statistics 30 minutes before and as a result, there were so many calls into and the d.c. public school systems, the system crashed and we have dcpss position and when -- >> impact is a extension of former chancellor rhee and henderson said, quote, great teachers are critical to our success and i am sure that is something you're behind as well. we know great teachers are excellent, in fact. and before impact, we had great teachers and have great teachers, even the impact system that rates the vast maof teachers in the d.c. public schools as elective or highly elective. the problem -- effective. the problem is subjectist with the system. >> and let me continue to play
10:34 pm
defel's advocate and add the same impact scores that identified low-performing teachers identified more than 600 highly affective ones and they're eligible for $25,000 bonuses and should add, mr. saunders, nearly 300 union members rated highly affective for a second year in a row, they're eligible for base salary increases, up to 20,000- plus got the $25,000 annual bonus. a lot of folks watching this are saying that sounds pretty good in. >> that is a fact and agree, we knew that our members are good and affect of teachers. many were here before the readministration and -- in her capacity. so, the point is that we have a system with some flaws to cent and improve upon. one of the scenarios that was painted with this impact system was we have a mile stone. 21 effective or highly
10:35 pm
effective teachers were terminated because they were not able to find placement within the d.c. public school system. >> okay. >> and that is a major flaw. >> all right, certainly a tough time for many of those teachers that won't have jobs. nathan saunders with the washington teacher's union, again, thank you for coming in on a saturday night. >> thank you very much. coming up next in sports, highlights from the nationals and british open. plus, redskins fans will want to stick around. dave ross is talking post lockout scenarios and hot topics. stay with us. and plenty of warm weather is across our area. look at the temperature. this time of night. look at the deep south and guess what? this is all headed our way. we're in for a heat wave. the details are coming up next. we'll be right back after the break. [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks
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>> we all anticipating the end to the nfl lockout and what that will mean for the redskins.
10:39 pm
dave ross is here with some special guests to find out some answers. >> reporter: if you're going to talk redskins, who better to do it than with these fellows here and thank you very much, gentlemen, for coming in on a saturday. we know that next week, early next week, monday and tuesday, apparently, the league and players will get back together with a general judge. can we say this thing is almost over? it's almost over and will be made official by the end of next week and by the owners and the players by friday and saturday. the latest. we should have free agency start a week from this monday. >> and we were talking free agency. that means the redskins, their superbowl and always is. what can we look for once yet starts? >> reporter: this is a team that is one of 6 in the national football league, the double-din the losses in two straight years and their plan is to spend money. i don't know that they're going to get the best players available and a bunch of positions like in the past, but i think they're going to look for quality fit and flying and
10:40 pm
that is going to be 72 hectic hours. >> we're going to talk more at 1115time and quickly, if you were the gm, what would be your first order of business come free agentsy? have to get a starting quarterback. -- cornerback. carlos rogers is not coming back. i don't feel comfortable going with hall and buchanan. >> and running a 34 scheme, starting upfro the. it has to issue initiated with the nose tackle. they don't have a player on the team now that is a difference maker. have to talk to ron rivera. he ran the number one defense last year, a no tackle or bust. >> and if you're listening or watching at home, they didn't say quarterback first. neither. and much more coming up at 11:15 and if the, the highlights from the nationals and this evening down in atlanta, gentlemen. i know you're matching as well and john on the bump tonight and looking good in hotlanta and we can see it again and -- and to that middle.
10:41 pm
nats up 3-6 and 5-2. wilson ronalds, gentlemen. 9:30 the nats win 5-2 and i know chris russell has been getting up every morning and watching the british open and as he's been doing so right in i know grant has been as well and if you have been watching darren carson is pretty good. the birdie on 12 gave him the outright lead, a 5-under par, a one-shot lead that is over the usa's dustin johnson. i can't wait, gentlemen, i am going to get up early and watch tomorrow. i know you as well. come backing 11:15, will thomas. i'm telling you, if you want good redskins talk we have the two guys to do it. back to you. >> i see three of you. >> yes. >> and. carmageddon is here. a major los angeles highway shut down for the entire weekend. a traffic nightmare, next.
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>> just now. and you see that -- >> what? all right, if you like mussels, you're probably hungry about now. the chef is serving up a billium favorite at east -- belgium market at today. the competition to see who could cook up the best clam- like delicacy. $5 got i a -- got you a bowl of mussels and a beer. not a bad deal. a will beer and beverage of any kind might be that good think this, right? especially water, being hydrated and temperatures are on the rise and going to get very, very hot out there and extremely uncomfortable. in the meantime, things are not bad tonight and a really great shot outside. look at the beautiful full moon. my goodness, a great night to
10:46 pm
go out and even at this hour, to go for a walk and enjoy it. it's mild out there and that is downright warm to be honest. the weekend is going to stay very, very sunny and we're going to cop with that and temperatures -- continue with that going and temperatures are on the rise. we have unsettleed weather ahead in the forecast. we'll look at that and a heat wave next week is really the highlight of our weather story and into the course of the next few days. really, you're going to have to prepare yourself for what is to come. in the meantime, today is not bad and 87 degrees at baltimore and the skies clear. 58% humidity and a light southerly wind at 9 miles per hour and we're not going to see the winds change much at all in our forecast. 73 at gaithersburg this hour and 75 at baltimore and
10:47 pm
annapolis, 79 degrees. to the west, 70 aten withchester and at martinsburg. to the mid-atlantic, they're warm as well and in new york, 81 degrees and 78 in boston. to the south, 79 in raleigh and that is where all of that heat is and is headed our way. the temperatures up and down the eastern seaboards into the 70s and 80s and look at the gulf coast into texas and where temperatures are into the 90s. triple-digit highs throughout the entire area in the deep south and the course of the last few days. texas is is really into a deadly heat wave right now and what is going to happen up the eastern seaboard and we're going to head for those types of temperatures. for tonight, though, the skies are clear and there is not much in terms of clouds and talking about the warmer air pushing to the south. a ridge of high pressure off of the coast and responsible for
10:48 pm
that and with some sunshine in your forecast. the rim of high pressure is going to allow the heat and humidity to move in up the eastern seaboard and all of the mid-atlantic is going to feel the impact of that about with the heat and humidity. and into the later part of the week, we're going to be to 100 degrees plus and in the meantime, warming up gradually into the low and 90s. the humidity increases and is going to feel warmer than that. we're talking dangerous heat once we're into the later part of the week and go go -- going to the beaches, not bad and plenty of sunshine, a great way to cool off. and pretty nice conditions there and there is no storms to talk about at all. for tonight, again, mostly clear and comfortable. tomorrow, heating up to 89 degrees and we have a frontal system to keep an eye on and that is going to impact us into the monday-tuesday period and
10:49 pm
this is that look at the five- day forecast. by the time monday rolls around, by monday night, there is a slight chance of a storm and there is a frontal system lingering in the mason-dixon line and on tuesday, it will weaken to the south and become a trough. the end of the week is when the temperatures rise and that is all dry at 99 degrees by thursday and by friday, well, i expect it to be 10 -- 101 degrees temperaturewise and once you factor in the humidity, of course, that is going to feel warmer than that. and dangerous heat. you have to be careful. >> lots of ac and ice water for everyone. >> yeah. >> thanks, gwen the. investigators are looking into the history of a new york man who confessed to kidnapping and killing an 8-year-old boy. tonight, an outpouring of sympathy for the boy's family. foxs dan boen has the latest. >> come all the way from youngers to -- yonkers to view this, the house of the monster. it's hard to believe that this is something he committed to a little boy and it's sad. >> reporter: many in the crowd
10:50 pm
outside of aaron's home were angry and most confused. why did the little boy have to die. >> no excuse in the world. >> reporter: for the third straight day they gathered evident in the kensington section of brooklyn. they believe he suffocated the eight-year-old inside the residence and cut up the child's body. other body parts were found in a dumpster two miles away. >> and still in shock and every couple of seconds the father is cracking up and crying. the mother has no words. >> reporter: outside of the home of the parents a request for privacy. his mother and father posted a note expressing thanks toen who has supported them and even the mayor called the grieving couple. >> a parent's nightmare and how can anyone be so sick.
10:51 pm
i said i can't explain why god does this. >> reporter: the search for why may never be answered. aaron reportedly confessed to kidnapping the lost child on monday and suffocating him on tuesday in a panic after he realized there was a massive search for the boy and white officers check to see if he's connected to any missing children's cases in tennessee, a community is still in shock and a family beginning to heal. the last line quote, and to all from earn the world who had us in their thoughts and prayers, from the depths of our morning hearts issue we thank you. casey anthony is hours away from being freed from jail. she was locked up for three years before being acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter caylee earlier this month. her lawyers say she fear for her life due to a number of death threats she's received from those angry about the verdict and some are protesting
10:52 pm
her release. >> a traffic nightmare that people in california have been warned about for weeks now. armageddon is here. is it as bad as everyone thought tell be? >> reporter: the so-called carmageddon is not hitting southern california as feared. the authorities shut down the continue-mile stretch of one of the busiest freeways at midnight. crews removing a 50-ier old bridge as part of a $1 billion widening project. >> the media has done an outstanding job of getting the word out to the motorists. the traffic was light last night, so we were able to start some construction early. >> reporter: on a typical weekend, a half million vehicles use the highway to get to major destinations, including los angeles international airport and popular beaches. >> people complaining about the congestion on the 405. this is a specific billion- dollar investment in adding capacity to the 405. >> reporter: when completed, the people in a new car pool
10:53 pm
lane could save a minute a mile. >> when this particular section is completed, we'll have the largest car pool lane in the world. approximately 50 miles. >> reporter: the traffic was moving smoothly in the morning. officials warning the real test is to begin in the late afternoon. >> and we'll be still to listen to what they saying. >> reporter: the part of the freeway is shutting down for 53 hours and is expected to reopen on monday for the morning commute. if the deadline is not met, the contractor has to pay more than $70,000 an hour in penalties. one man's mission is taking him across the country on two wheels. how a cycle of the may have helped save lives in washington. >> and a news corporation ceo rupert murdoch is trying to fix the mess over the hacking scandal oversea. how he's letting people know he's sorry coming up on the news edge at 11.
10:54 pm
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>> sib people will get organs from a 17-year-old girl killed crossing a maryland high. the father said he -- hoe. the father said he argued with the daughter about being a organ donor when she got her driver's license and she gave him. -- in. it makes him proud that to carry out her wishes. she was struck by a car and another teen is listed in critical condition. no charges were filed against the driver. and a man travelling the country by bicycle is spreading the word about a life saving cause. right now in the d.c. metro area, there is about 2,000 people waiting for an organ transplant and the man you're about to meet might be saving some of their lives. fox 5s beth parker has a closer look. >> reporter: the foot is his and the kidney someone else's,
10:58 pm
but it's hard to keep him from rolling along. he's a 52-year-old from texas passing through and what he calls a 50-50-50 beak ride. >> 50 states, 50 rides and 50 miles. >> reporter: his cause is organ donation. he was born with a genetic kidney disease. >> you're literally being poisoned from the inside out. >> reporter: in 1999, the call came. >> i was on dialysis and got a phone call asking if i wanted a kidney and i thought about it for about this long and i said absolutely i want a kidney. >> reporter: turned out he received the kidney of a sixier old boy who died -- died in a car accident. >> at that most horrible, horrible moment something i can't imagine as parents, they said how can we make our son a hero, how can we know that he changed the world? >> reporter: for david, the bicycle is a vehicle and that
10:59 pm
is 110,000 people and in the u.s., 18 of the people die waiting and david has become a pied piper on wheels and strangers gather to see how they're organ donors. >> and you can go online to >> you have my word. >> reporter: he's keeping one of his own about really liveing the newfound life. >> you can either feel sorry for yourself and what is going on or you can be thankful for what you do have. >> reporter: it's contagious. >> and he gets a free tuneup and some d.c. police join him for a few miles. it helps with the grueling pain. >> my doctor wants to lock me up in a psyche ward. he doesn't think i am stable to w

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